Version 2017.07
August 07, 2017 v. 2017.07
0 New Module
3 New Feature
4 Enhancement
0 UI Change
1 Fix
0 Other
Type Module Description
New Feature Safety
Schedule Plan added to all Safety Modules showing yearly plans for scheduled items.
New Feature IMS
Requisition feature added to IMS.
New Feature Calendar
Year view added to calendar.
Enhancement Issues
Deficiency Found By field enhanced with predefined values.

The following now have predefined values:

  • Port State Control
  • Flag State
  • Classification Society
Enhancement CM
Crew Database view overall performance increased.
Enhancement Enq.
Assignees and Due Date added to Enquiry Convert Form.
Enhancement Issues
Resolution column and coloring added to Issues Archives views.
Fix Issues
Issue Ship Assignees Ranks are now sorted.