Inventory Management System
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Keeping track of thousands of items is a cumbersome job. Some items frequently fall below the minimum threshold, and some items are in surplus just because it’s humanly impossible without correct control structures. Navatom IMS helps ship managers both with purchasing and requisition with integrated email notifications and various catalogues such as IMPA and British Admiralty.

Navatom IMS also features robust analysis for various IMS related Performance Indicators.

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Technical Management
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Planned Maint. Sys. CM
  • Data Accumulation
  • 1
    BA Chart Catalogue

    The British Admiralty Chart catalogue is included in IMS module.

  • 2
    IMPA Catalogue

    IMPA Catalogue is integrated into the IMS Module, you can have access as long as you are an IMPA member.

  • Data Visualization
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    Detailed Item Definitions

    All pre-included IMS Stock items have been seperated into catalogues, within categories, and with detailed descriptions and units of measurement.

  • Search & Filter
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    Advanced Search System

    You can search through all of the item definitions, with a single search bar.

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    Filtering System

    The IMS module has filtering systems to sort through the stock data.

Recent Changes
  • The Company can also control ship inventory amounts.
  • Requisition templates added to Spare Parts
  • Remark field added for requests.
  • Accept / Deny options added to requisitions.
  • Email notification added for spare parts and inventory items below minimum count.
  • Item history added to request details view. You can now see all past requests of the same item.
  • Completed requests are removed from the requests view
  • If all items for a vendor are at 0 quantity a vendor evaluation is not created.
  • The same item cannot be requested more than once anymore.
  • IMS module divided into two modules (Spare Parts & Inventory Management System

    Spare Parts has been separated from IMS as a new module. The change effects minimum item emails, requests and requisitions as well.

  • Request, requisition and purchasing added to Inventory Management System
  • Filters added to all IMS list views.
  • Vendor Analysis and Delivery Analysis added to IMS.