Planned Maintenance System

Reducing operating expanse (OPEX) is the primary goal of every ship management company. One of the corner stones of reducing OPEX is running an efficient and capable Planned Maintenance System. Starting a maintenance at the right time with the necessary control mechanisms will yield optimum results in machinery life and a decrease in spare part usage. 

Navatom PMS will help you implement this tailored structure to your ships and much more.

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Technical Management
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Recent Changes
  • Children selection added to PMS Explorer view
  • Planlı Bakım Listesi ekranına ötelenen bakımlar filtresi eklendi.
  • Completion time details added to PMS Maintenance History View
  • Assignment problem added as a filter to Maintenance List.
  • Maintenance Details, Saved Form Print fixed.
  • Postpone filter added to Maintenance List views.
  • Fixed the "Denied" filter in ship Planned Maintenance System.
  • Fixed some maintenance log events from showing wrong information.
  • Explorer View Added to Planned Maintenance System.

    The new Explorer view allows browsing through equipments and showing their maintenances and running hours.

  • Deleted Maintenances can no longer be edited.
  • Print added to Ship Maintenance Details, Maintenance Log Details and Maintenance Archive Details.
  • Current Working Hours added to create new equipment form.
  • Completion time of crew members added to maintenance history table.
  • PMS Structure can now be exported as XLSX for Excel.
  • Completion time added to Maintenance History Table