Planned Maintenance System

Reducing operating expanse (OPEX) is the primary goal of every ship management company. One of the corner stones of reducing OPEX is running an efficient and capable Planned Maintenance System. Starting a maintenance at the right time with the necessary control mechanisms will yield optimum results in machinery life and a decrease in spare part usage.

Navatom PMS will help you implement this tailored structure to your ships and much more.

  • Tree Structure
    Navatom planned maintenances consists of nested equipment categories, which contain nested equipment, which contain maintenances. The tree structure can be arranged on the fly by users with access rights.
  • Periodic and Work Hour Based Maintenances
    You can add periodical or work hour based maintenances to equipment. Work Hours are entered by crew members, periodical maintenances are automatically triggered.
  • Job Types
    Jobs can be categorized as, maintenance, safety check, performance test, visual check, measurement, overhaul or megger test.
  • 4 level assignment system
    Assigned ship responsible person is mandatory, but you can optionally assign, ship approvers, company reviewers and company approvers to jobs.
  • Form integration
    Forms can be attached to jobs, to be completed alongside them.
  • Shipboard Operation integration
    Shipboard operations (along with their procedures, forms, risk assessments, etc.) can be assigned to jobs, to be completed alongside them.
  • Spare part usage
    Spare parts can be used and requested from maintenance views, during maintenance reporting.
  • Enquiry integration
    Enquiries can be created from maintenance views, to report problems with the maintenance or its related equipment to the company.
  • Dashboard
    Navatom's dashboards are user specific. PMS dashboard shows statistics and information about jobs assigned to you.
  • Issues integration
    Equipment deficiencies are related to equipment and can be filtered and analyzed per equipment.
  • Overdue / Postpone reasons
    A predefined list of overdue reasons must be selected whenever maintenance is completed overdue. Predefined postpone reason must be selected whenever maintenance is postponed.
  • Instructions and files
    Rich text instructions and files can be added to maintenances and equipment.
  • Comment system
    Company and Crew can comment on maintenances and equipment.
  • Work Hour Automation
    Navatom can be connected to your vessels sensors, automating the entry of equipment work hours.
  • Triggered Maintenances
    Maintenances can be triggered upon the completion of other maintenances.
  • Event Logs
    Every operation by a company or ship user is recorded and can be seen in the events tabs of maintenances and equipment.
  • Crew Task Distribution Management
    Crew Task Distribution shows the number of tasks assigned to ship users, allowing company users to arrange jobs in order to not overload crew members.
  • PMS Analysis
    Current overdue analysis, overdue analysis within a user-defined period, overdue reasons analysis, and many more.
  • Multiple views to show jobs
    The structure view shows all items in a tree, the explorer view shows equipment and categories in a sidebar, while showing the selected equipment(s) maintenances on the right. The maintenance List view shows all maintenances of a vessel and contains advanced and saveable filters to view them.