What is Navatom?

Navatom is a web application built for ship managers who want to know the actual condition of their fleet in real time. The application was developed around the core concepts of Ease of Use, Accessibility and Performance. You will never repeat yourself in Navatom, nor will you ever need to insert the same data twice.

How can I use this documentation

The documentation is written hierarchically, in it's Getting Started section you can learn about the general idea of Navatom, and how to set it up. Later on in the guides section you will find information about how to use the modules and specific functionalities of Navatom.

What if I can't find something I'm looking for?

You should first check out or F.A.Q. section, which contains frequently asked questions as the name implies. If what you're looking for is not there, check out this documentation, you can also use the search function in the top bar of this website to find a specific document. The search goes through all the content of the documentation. If what you're looking for is truly missing, try our support contact information (you need to be logged in for this).