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Frequently Asked Questions Find answers to your product and purchasing related questions.

The answer depends on the following factors:

  1. How long would it take to develop what you requested.
  2. Is it necessary for all companies using Navatom.

1. If what you requested is necessary for every Company using Navatom (which is decided by asking those companies whether they need the request as well) the request is added to a queue and is given an importance rating. These requests are one of the reasons Navatom is a service with a monthly fee. They will be added as soon as possible and they are free.

2. If your request is not required by the customer base, the effort and time required is considered, and the feature is added to the queue with a low priority. The request is still free as long as it doesn't require a major development effort on our side.

You don't need to synchronize anything when using Navatom. Everything is real time, as soon as you do something in Navatom, everyone using the system can see what you have done.

There is a new version of Navatom released approximately every 6 weeks. The customers don't have to do anything to receive these updates. The updates are deployed to the production servers of Navatom when released, and the users see the new version as soon as they open Navatom in their browsers.

Navatom is a Ship Management Web Application as advertised. This means Navatom handles the workload of Ship Management and Chartering Companies through a web interface that can be accessed in all modern browsers, and the application uses an internet connection to do all this in real time.

In essence Navatom is a service, whereby the customers pay a monthly fee, and receive endless hassle free updates and support in return.


Navatom resides on a cloud server, when you connect to this server by going to on your browser the application runs on that browser, and sends the data you enter to this server.