Version 0.8
August 14, 2015 v. 0.8

This is one of the largest ever releases of navatom, including three new modules, many new features, a whole new layout, and a lot of fixes.

New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Module TRN
New Trainings Module

The trainings module allows scheduled trainings to be executed by the vessels, and followed by the company. For details go to Trainings Module Page.

New Module DRL
New Drills Module

The drills module allows scheduled drills to be executed and followed by the vessels. For details go to Drills Module Page.

New Module CRT
New Certificates Module

The Certificates Module has been rewritten from scratch, the new module is much lighter and easier to use.

New Module SMT
Safety Meeting Module Added

This module covers the needs of ISM Code 5.1.2, new safety meetings can be defined and scheduled per ship or for the fleet within the module. For details go to Safety Meeting Module Page.

New Module MRW
Master's Review Module Added

This module covers the needs of ISM Code 5.1.5, new master's reviews can be defined and scheduled per ship or for the fleet within the module. For details go to Master's Review Module Page.

New Feature FRM
Row and cell features are improved

Now you can add remove rows and cells very easily, which makes the form creation more versatile than ever.

New Feature Safety
Safety Scheduling

You can now schedule Master's Reviews, Safety Meetings, Drills, Trainings, and Audits.

New Feature CAL
Calendar Custom Events

You can now add user generated events to your calendar.

UI Change Administrator
Screen Changes

The following screens have been revamped:

  • Vessels
  • Certificates
  • Certificate Categories
  • Companies
  • User Access Rights
UI Change
Input Enhancements

The following inputs had their visual enhanced:

  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown Menus
UI Change FRM
Form visuals revamped

Form edit, view, fill and print views have been enhanced. It's now easier to distinguish form items and their functionality.

UI Change
Loading and dimming effects

Although you don't see many loading screens in Navatom, we've added them just incase you have an "extremely" slow connection. (This feature is in use only in select screens, where you actually have a chance of waiting for a screen to load)

UI Change
New Icons

Navatom icons have been re-imagined, all icons have been changed. The new icons load faster and look crisper.

UI Change
Layout Changed

The Header and sidebar layout has been revamped. The dark sidebar is no longer visible in screens where it's not uses. The view change menu has been moved to the top next to the module selection menu.

UI Change FRM
Radio buttons are now rendered correctly
UI Change
Main menu renewed

New Menu, layout, auto collapsed sidebar, all icons revamped, loading and dimming effects added for loading screens.. Browser usage expanded to minimize file loads. Screen fonts moved to our servers for better performance.

UI Change PMS
Screen Changes

The following screens have been revamped:

  • Setup
  • Assignment
  • All Maintenances
  • Maintenance History
  • Approval
  • Equipment Details
  • Maintenance Details
Found By field now acts correctly when ship is selected
Worklog approval on multiple equipment fixed
Textbox hover while focus state fixed
Convert to deficiency bug fixed
Certificate sub-item moving up and down now works correctly
Form view mode now displays correctly
Ship - Fixed downloading while connected through IP address
Crew Profiles - Selection of multiple companies is now possible
Forms titles and shortnames changes are now visible
Other FRM
Maximum number of columns increased to eight
Browser usage expanded

Browser usage has been expanded to minimize file loads.