Version 0.9.1
June 08, 2016 v. 0.9.1
New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Print functionality added to Maintenance List View.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys. , IMS
Spare part usage during Maintenance functionality enhanced and fixed.
New Feature Forms
Filters added to Released Forms view.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
New maintenance types "Overhaul" and "Meger Test" have been added.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
"Not Required" execution method added to Maintenance and Equipment assignments.
New Feature MR
Print functionality added to Master's Review screens.
New Feature DEF
Print functionality added to Deficiency views.
New Feature Audits
Print functionality added to Audit Details.
New Feature DEF
Authority filter added to Deficiencies
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipment Spare Part addition views fixed and enhanced.
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
You can now view attached form name, short-name and version in Maintenance Details View.
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
A new status filter has been added to the Maintenance List View.
Enhancement Audits
Type and Direction columns added to Audit Definitions Tables.
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
The structure tree no longer resets to default level on item deletion.
Enhancement IMS
Add item performance increased.
Enhancement Forms
Relased forms can now be deprecated.
Enhancement Enq.
Enquiry conversion is now controlled by an access right.
Enhancement DEF
Deficiency assignees sidebar added to Deficiency Details on Ship Module
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Forms are now saved when sending a maintenance to approval through the ship module
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Maintenances no longer start when you click on them through Ship Maintenance List
UI Change IMS
Ship - IMS Inventory view UI fixed.
UI Change Planned Maint. Sys.
Maintenance Deny events are now more emphasized and displayed correctly.
Fix Audits
Date Scheduled field for Audits now displayed correctly.
Fix Forms
Form Assignment Table in Released Forms Details view now works correctly.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Form assignments for deleted maintenances are now removed successfully.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Ship Publish bug has been fixed.
Users can no longer add empty comments by mistake.
Fix Audits
All Audit start dates are now saved and displayed correctly.
Fix Audits
Audit completion events are now displayed in the Completed audit event list.
Fix Audits
Ship Internal Audits and Inspections can now be scheduled as intended.
Dropdown arrows are now displayed properly across all browsers.
Fix Audits
Window field no longer appears when starting an unscheduled audit.
Fix Audits
Fixed some audits that were missing created by data.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Setting reviewers on active maintenance is now working as intended.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Current time of Maintenance Log in details screen fixed.
Fix Audits
Audit delete file now works as intended.
Fix Audits
Fixed audit meeting assignees not being removed correctly if there was only one assignee.
Fix Audits
Editor disappearance on tab change fixed.
Fix Audits
Planning tab no longer disappears when going through different audits.
Fix Drills
Drill assignment now works correctly.
Fix Audits
Delete finding button now works correctly.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Working Hour approving person assignment performance increased.
Fix Forms
Fixed some missing assignments for released forms.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Fixed some maintenances missing ship approvers names.
"Another use has already updated the quantity of the item!" error no longer appears on unedited items.
Fix CM
Fixed the ability to click save contract multiple times resulting in multiple contracts.
Fix Certificates
Certificate End Date update now effects the related calendar event as intended.
Other DEF
Malfunctions module is merged into the Deficiencies module