Version 0.4
October 03, 2014 v. 0.4

Includes changes in all releases between v0.4 and v0.5.

New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Feature DEF
Filtering system added to Deficiencies View
New Feature
Automated Backup and Recovery System is now live

Navatom will now take backups of all data at short intervals starting with the release of this version.

New Feature DEF
File upload system added
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Critical and Class Critical Equipment features added
New Feature Certificates
Added a certificate extension feature and related form
UI Change
Edit working hours UI fixed
UI Change Planned Maint. Sys.
Maintenance Details UI Enhancements
UI Change Planned Maint. Sys.
All Maintenances Screen Ship Selection moved to header
UI Change Planned Maint. Sys.
Ship selection in All Maintenances table moved to the header
UI Change
Forms reformatted according to new setup

Following forms have been enhanced and reformatted:

  • Crew Manager - Send to Ship Form
  • Crew Manager - Crew Contract Form
  • Deficiencies - Add Rule Form
  • Deficiencies - Action Form
  • Forms - Add Assignment Form
  • PMS - Add/Edit Equipment Form
  • PMS - Add/Edit Maintenance Form
  • PMS - Triggered By Widget
  • PMS - Trigger Form
  • PMS - Assignee Widget
UI Change Certificates
Details view enhanced

The old sidebar is no longer visible, details moved to center.

IMS - Empty catalogues remaining when spare parts are deleted bug fixed
Unreceived SMS by Turkcell fixed
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Ship Selection now works as intended
Fix Enq.
Enquiry creation ui visuals fixed
Fix Forms
Empty form views no longer throw an error
Fix CM
Crew Database table no longer returns unknown crew members upon sorting
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Maintenance add form list is now sorted