Version 2016.04
August 24, 2016 v. 2016.04

New versioning system implemented.

New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Feature Enq.
Enquiry access rights created for Crew Members
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipment Total Working Hours can now be set.

Previously you were only able to keep track of the working hours of an equipment after it's entry into Navatom. This led to a confusion with some crew members. You can now set the real Total Working Hours of an equipment.

New Feature
The Newsfeed is now live

The Newsfeed shows items of "your" interest to you in a single screen. Currently the newsfeed works for the whole deficiencies module, and is also available to the vessel. Every deficiency that has you as an assignee will show up in your newsfeed. You can also check out the "All Items" view to see all the changes in the module. 

(To see the deficiency newsfeed you must have access to the module)

New Feature Forms
Initial release number added to forms.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Print functionality added to Equipment Details screen
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Print functionality added to Maintenance Details Screen

The print currently only shows the title of the attached form. The full form preview will be printed in a future iteration.

Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipment Related Maintenances and Maintenance Triggers tables have been revamped
Fix Forms
Adding and editing Form assignments now works as intended.
Fix Planned Maint. Sys.
Malfunction Date Closed no longer shows the wrong date in Equipment related Malfunctions table.
Malfunction - Related Equipment searches now clear correctly.
Select boxes now show their down facing caret correctly