Version 2017.04
May 11, 2017 v. 2017.04
New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Module Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Module Released
New Module SbO
Shipboard Operations module is released!

The module contains, suboperations, operational risks, forms, related procedures and much much more.

New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipment reset feature implemented. It resets the equipments and its maintenances working hours to 0.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipment details related equipments and active maintenances tabs enhanced

You can now see all the current details of maintenances, and even add planned/unplanned maintenances from this view.

New Feature Enq. , Planned Maint. Sys.
Enquiries can now be relational

You can now create enquiries while doing a maintenance, these enquiries are related to that maintenance and can be followed up on both Enquiries and Maintenance Details views.

New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Bakım saatlerini takip etmek için Çalışma Saati Log ekranı eklendi
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipments can now be edited in their details view.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
You can now edit maintenances in the details view.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Unplanned maintenance feature added to PMS

You can now create one time maintenances within the equipment details view.

New Feature Enq.
File Upload added to enquiries

Converted Enquiry files are moved to the target issue.

Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys. , Issues
MaintenanceHistory and Issues filter now remember your selected filters on screen changes (until the browser is reloaded)