Version 2017.08
September 14, 2017 v. 2017.08
New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Feature Enq.
Found By field with predefined values added to Enquiries.
New Feature Audits
Audit Third Party can now be selected from a predefined list.
New Feature Audits
Audit findings can now be converted to issues.
New Feature Circulars
The ship captain can now see the read percentages of circulars for their own crew members.
New Feature Certificates
A ship can now edit their own certificates.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Overdue reasons added.

The responsible person must now select a reason from a predifined list, which will allow analysis of why overdues happen.

New Feature Certificates
Email notifications added to Fleet Certificates
Enhancement Enq.
Sort added to all enquiry tables.
Enhancement Administrator
User Access Rights sidebar now shows active / inactive users and admins seperately.
Enhancement Audits
Audit Definition sidebar changed to show statuses like the rest of the safety modules.
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Show When in Range added as a column to Maintenance List
Enhancement Certificates
Short Name field added to Certificates
Enhancement Drills
Overdue amount and window details added to Drill archives table.
Fix Administrator
Vessel speed is no longer deleted when a text value is entered instead of a number value.
Fix Administrator
Flag State field works as intended for adding ships through the Administration.
Fixed upload problems in IMS Item Definition.
Fix Drills
Scheduling Drills no longer throw access right errors.
Category grouping in IMS Requisition now works correctly.
Fix SbO
Adding forms to Shipboard Operations works correctly.
Fix Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment go to Shipboard Operation link fixed.
Fix SbO
Adding risk definitions to a shipboard operation now works correctly.
Fix Certificates
Certificate event details view now opens correctly.
Fix Safety
Completed events are shown in the Schedule Plan tabs as designed.
Fix Circulars
Circulars read by crew members stay read as intended when they move to a different vessel.
Fix Calendar
Drill redirect from event details is now working correctly.
Fix Audits
The "Schedule Plan" tab works correctly now for Audits.
Fix Issues
You can now see issue statuses correctly in all issue views of ship modules.
Fix Administrator
A confirmation box has been added to ship delete in administration.
Fixed a bug where details of previously requested items details wouldn't open.
Shortname fields are all limited to 15 characters, this also applies to previously entered values.