Version 2018.01
January 22, 2018 v. 2018.01
New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Module Dry Dock
New Module: Drydock.
New Feature Issues
Issue postpone

Issues can now be postponed to a date or drydock.

New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
Postpone Maintenance

You can now postpone maintenance to a date / working hour or drydock.

New Feature IMS
Request, requisition and purchasing added to Inventory Management System
New Feature Administrator
Administrators can now add new users.
New Feature CM
Titles such as SSO can now be added to crew members.
New Feature IMS
Filters added to all IMS list views.
New Feature Analytics
Crew Demographics Views in Analytics have been updated.
New Feature Planned Maint. Sys.
The Structure view has been added to Ship Modules.
New Feature CM
Crew Certificates View added to Crew Manager.
New Feature Audits
You can now set the start date of non-scheduled audits.
New Feature IMS
Vendor Analysis and Delivery Analysis added to IMS.
New Feature CM
Added an email notification for expiring crew contracts.
Enhancement CM
Crew Database view added today and this month counters fixed.
IMS Improvements

Many revisions and improvements added to Inventory Management System.

Enhancement Certificates
Certificate view performance increased for mobile devices.
Enhancement Audits
New columns and information added to Audit tables.
Enhancement SbO
Shipboard operations which have attached forms now have their forms tab visible in the ship module as intended.
Enhancement Safety
Safety modules reviews added to the newsfeed.
Enhancement Safety
More information about dates and schedules added to all safety modules.
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Maintenance Details view performance increased.
Enhancement Planned Maint. Sys.
Equipment Details view performance increased.
Fix Incidents
Injuries, fatalities and environmental effects can only be added to accidents, and have been removed from incidents.
Fix Issues
Crew Rating removed from issues assignments, now only officers can be assigned to an issue as intended.
Fix Circulars
Circulars save and exit resulting in you have no access popup is fixed.
0kb file upload errors fixed.
Fixed a bug where assignees of a deficiency would get reset after being set in the creation form.
Fix DEF , NC , Technical Findings , Incidents
Fixed an issue where issues could be editable by everyone instead of just assignees.