Version 2018.02
April 04, 2018 v. 2018.02
1 New Module
0 New Feature
7 Enhancement
0 UI Change
4 Fix
0 Other
Type Module Description
New Module IMS
IMS module divided into two modules (Spare Parts & Inventory Management System

Spare Parts has been separated from IMS as a new module. The change effects minimum item emails, requests and requisitions as well.

Authority Field added to tables and filters for issues and audits.
Enhancement IMS , Spare Parts
Remark field added for requests.
Enhancement IMS , Spare Parts
Accept / Deny options added to requisitions.
Enhancement IMS , Spare Parts
Email notification added for spare parts and inventory items below minimum count.
Enhancement Certificates
Attachment column added to ship certificates view.
Enhancement Spare Parts
Spare parts can be requested directly from the maintenance log view.
Enhancement IMS , Spare Parts
Item history added to request details view. You can now see all past requests of the same item.
Fixed a bug where risk assessments edited by a crew member would be listed as company under newsfeed.
Fix IMS , Spare Parts
Completed requests are removed from the requests view
Fix IMS , Spare Parts
If all items for a vendor are at 0 quantity a vendor evaluation is not created.
Fix IMS , Spare Parts
The same item cannot be requested more than once anymore.