Version 2019.03
June 03, 2019 v. 2019.03

This version contains around 800 commits to our branch. You can find below some of the major and user requested minor changes in the version. Two new modules were added, along with purchasing to Spare Parts and IMS which was a major improvement for us. Bookkeeping system was overhauled to be easier to use.

Most views of Navatom saw subtle yet effective UI changes that improve button coloring and icons, and collapsible details panels and sticky table headers and button toolbars, this was an effort to make Navatom more usable on smaller screens, without hiding visible information.

New Module
New Feature
UI Change
Type Module Description
New Module VET
Vetting Module added
SIRE and CDI inspection reports can be added and analyzed through this module.
New Module FND
Findings Module added
A module that shows all findings and their status
UI Change NC
Non Conformity Filters now correctly filter according to queries.
Fix NC
Duplicate ranks in issue details bug fixed.
Form assignments are now correctly removed upon deleting equipments / maintenances.
Enhancement AUD , VET
Rules can now be added to assessment findings
Enhancement Assessment
Findings are now read only after being converted to issues.
Enhancement MAN
Manuals added to newsfeed
Enhancement CIR
Circulars added to newsfeed
Enhancement Assessment , Issues
Rule selection improvements for assessment and issues
Enhancement RSK
Risk assesments improved with multiple hazard types and consequences.
Enhancement BKP
Added a reference field to invoices.
Enhancement BKP
Bookkeeping now shows all ships on the same view.
Enhancement BKP
Invoices are now created via a form to make entries easier
Enhancement BKP
Running Cost codes added to category selection in invoice details
Enhancement BKP
Invoices now calculate remaining quantities while adding RC Categories/
Deleted categories are no longer visible in PMS Explorer View.
New Feature SPP , IMS
Purchasing added
Purchasing and assignment functionality added to IMS and Spare Parts.
Ship > Released forms view filters are now working correctly.
Scheudling released forms now works correctly.
Enhancement BKP
Bookkeeping Vendor filter now suggest vendor names.
Enhancement Safety , Assessment
Safety scheduling system improved
Schedule is updated according to completion date of the last item.
Enhancement BKP
RC Categories added to Bookkeeping Filters.
New Feature RNC
RC Estimation export to Excel functionality added.
Enhancement PMS
Validation for show only when in range removed.
PMS jobs that are "show only when in range" can now be completed when selected from the structure view.
Database query and entry system changed
Navatom's database driver has been removed, and custom inhouse system implemented. This was a very big change, and it makes Navatom Future-Proof where database operations are concerned.
Publishing PMS Structure no longer gets stuck at "Checking Violations".
Fixed a bug that would show some completed maintenances as awaiting approval.
Maintenance History view now shows log details correctly.
Some maintenance logs wouldn't show correct completion date and time information
UI Change
Most UI's improved with collapsible details panel
Users on small screens were having issues viewing various tabs in some views, these and many other views now have a collapsible details panel to allow more vertical space.
UI Change
Button colors and icons improved
Most views now adhere to a preset color and icon theme, that's consistent across the ui.
UI Change
Sticky headers
Sticky headers and table headers added to most views to improve user experience. (scrolling down will fix the necessary header item)
Navatom link system
A universal link generation system is added which guides users to the most recent view for an item, identifying ship and company users to send them to the right view.