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Version 2019.02 of Navatom has been released.

The new version contains more than 0 changes.

Why Navatom? The core features of Navatom that free the client from unnecessary IT requirements:


Cross Platform
Navatom works across all major browsers in various operating systems.
No Installation
You don't need to install Navatom, any device with a browser is enough.
Consistent Updates
Navatom's update frequency is very high. A new version is released about every 6 weeks.


Real Time Architecture
Everything you do in Navatom is in real time, there is no data packages or synchronization.
Load Balancing
Navatom spreads network load across several web servers.
Automatic Scaling
Automatic horizontal and vertical scaling. When Navatom load is increased new servers are activated automatically.

System and Stability

Low Network Footprint
Navatom is designed to work well with low bandwidth communication systems.
Security Checks
Weekly and Monthly security checks keep your data safe with us.
Cumulative Backup System
To recover your data to a point in time, Navatom keeps backups at a maximum of 30 minutes.


User Friendly
Designed and modeled to be used by the average computer user.
Built in Business Logic
Various maritime rules are integrated and updated within Navatom.
Single-page Web Application
To increase responsiveness, once your browser loads Navatom, that's it you have the full application working. It will cached on your browser and you wont have to load it again until next version.


Analysis Capabilities
Every object in Navatom is modeled to be easily analyzed.
Some objects in Navatom can be converted to others, such as enquiries can be converted to deficiencies.
Modular integrations
Forms can be attached to maintenances, malfunctions can be connected to equipments etc...

User Interface

Responsive Design
The application is designed to work on every screen resolution, mobile and up.
Consistent Views
Navatom screens are consistently similar, to increase user perception.
Custom Design
The whole user interface has been designed and coded from the ground up to accommodate Navatom.

NAVATOM - Ship Management Web Application

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